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New Horizons Southern California Learning Port

The New Horizons Learning Port is a powerful, Web-based learning management system (LMS) where organizations and individuals can manage all aspects of their New Horizons Training. 
  • Map your learning program to business objectives
  • Access Online ANYTIME courseware
  • Work with vLabs and gain hands-on experience with real equipment
  • Take Brainbench exams to evaluate retention
  • Assess skill sets before and after class
  • Utilize post-class resources to increase knowledge retention

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Online ANYTIME Resources

Access to your post-classroom resources can serve as a preview of the vast array of additional self-paced learning resources known as Online ANYTIME that are available to you via the New Horizons Learning Port. Online ANYTIME resources include:
  • Online ANYTIME Tutorial Libraries – A collection of self-paced eLearning courses
  • Integrated e-Reference - Online Books and other publications that complement the learning offered in the Learning Port
  • Brainbench Exams – Assessments that provide an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of your learning
  • Virtual Labs – Practice labs that provide hands-on practice to reinforce learning