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Redeem your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV)

New Horizons of Southern California is the premier Microsoft technical training delivery partner for redeeming your Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATV).

With our training locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego, we are ready to help train your employees in the latest Microsoft technologies.

The list of SATV eligible courses is updated frequently and represents some of the eligible courses. Most Microsoft Technical courses are eligible.

Benefits of Redeeming Your Microsoft Training Vouchers

Microsoft SATV Video

Steps to Implement Microsoft SATV Strategy

  • Identify client team key players
  • Review current projects and align Software Assurance benefits
  • Assess current staff needs & develop a prescriptive plan
  • Educate & empower your staff
  • Provide reports at quarterly EBR

Microsoft Contacts

To speak with Microsoft about SATV questions:
  • 866-230-0560
  • Extension 5 = System administering volume Software Assurance benefits
  • Extension 2 = For assistance in activation and managing Software Assurance benefits

If you have questions about Volume Licensing, download Microsoft's Volume Licensing Service Center document for more information. Call a New Horizons representative today at 888-825-6684 if you have any questions.

Use SATVs to Attend Microsoft Training at NHSoCal

  1. View available training class schedules 
  2. Contact Tina Travierso, PAM, at ttravierso@nhsocal.com or (858) 880‑2502 for class qualifications and approval.
  3. Gain your manager’s approval for the selected class via email. Include the following information:
    • Trainee Last Name
    • Trainee First Name
    • Trainee Email Address
    • Voucher Days (required for the course)
  4. The Microsoft Site Manager will assign vouchers to you via the Microsoft website. Microsoft will send you an email with your confirmation information that will be needed to register for the class.
  5. Send the confirmation information to Tina Travierso at ttravierso@nhsocal.com.
  6. Your Account Manager will contact you with the class confirmation.
You can use your training vouchers at New Horizons Download a free IDC whitepaper

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