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New Horizons Southern California On-Site Learning

Instructor-Led Training Brought to Your Location

Companies, large and small, realize the value of bringing training on-site. This flexible and cost effective option allows you to train as many or as few employees as needed.

By utilizing New Horizons Southern California on-site training services, you cut out travel expenses, save time and deliver training on your terms.

On-Site Training Benefits:

  • Don't have a training room? We can bring the computers with us
  • Customized or standard training
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Lower training costs
  • Consistent learning experience
  • Minimize downtime
New Horizons On Site Training

The On-Site Training Approach

New Horizons Southern California courses can be delivered “off-the-shelf,” slightly modified, or completely customized for your learning needs.

On-Site training is the ideal solution for training a group of employees or launching a company-wide training initiative.

Our customizable training options are designed to fit your organizational goals and produce immediate and measurable results.

On-Site Training Benefits for the Student

  • Courses planned around individual and department schedules
  • Courses delivered in any format
  • Every employee will have the same learning experience
  • Customize training around real-world examples

On-Site Training Benefits for the Corporation:

  • Maintain productivity with flexible course scheduling
  • Significantly reduce training expenses by training groups of employees
  • Train employees with the same content and bring them to the same level
  • Tailor the course material to fulfill business needs