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Request a New Horizons Southern California Room for your next User-Group Meeting

New Horizons of Southern California is proud to offer our state-of-the-art training facilities to our User Group partners absolutely free!

By allowing the use of our centers, we find that individuals gain direct access and insight into the Information Technology field. Our centers recently received the Five-Star Center of Excellence Award for first-rate training facilities. Our New Horizons locations are equipped with high-tech computer labs, high-speed internet access, network capabilities, the latest software, digital projectors, and Audio-Visual equipment; everything required for the ideal learning environment. The Five Star Centers demonstrate pride in the appearance of their facilities and their ability to provide a suitable learning environment for our students.

Each classroom has an instructor podium with a computer workstation, internet connection, projector and screen available for use. Guests will also have access to the kitchen/cafeteria area complete with gourmet coffee and other vending machines.

Under normal circumstances, our Room Rental rates run $1,250 per day, but we will provide the same great facilities to the User Group community at no charge. Please keep in mind that students will be using the classrooms the next day, so we do not allow the individual workstations to be used by our guests. We also have night classes in our centers, so we do require advance notice if you decide not to use our facility after it has been booked. Please see below for other terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Any tampering of computers will incur a $100 charge per computer
  • New Horizons staff receives five minutes at the beginning of the presentation to discuss our products and services
  • All information must be complete on the form