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Virtualization Strikes a Nerve

By Nick Lane
Tech Instructor, NHSoCal

Virtualization strikes a nerve. Admit it.

It is not because of the increase in intelligent resource allocation. It is not because of the increase in automation. It is not because of the increase in energy savings. It is not because of the increase in server consolidation. It is not because of the increase in IT efficiency. It is not because of the increase in cloud computing that permeates the world over.

It is because virtualization sounds freakishly familiar.

Once again, we find that we’re asking ourselves a question. Yes, that question. The question being asked every day by scientists, religious leaders, movie stars, children, anyone. Everyone.

What is reality, really?
Keanu Reeves asked, “What is the Matrix?”

David Carradine said, “Perhaps this life is no more substantial than a dream.”

Brian Greene wrote, “All that we know about in this three-dimensional world around us… may actually be a holographic-like projection of laws of physics that exist on a thin-bounding surface that surrounds us.”

The power of virtualization relies in its ability to influence everything. One must also ask, “If any one thing can be virtualized, then what else is virtualized?”

Virtualization is the most profound of all worlds in the IT industry, and for good reason. Virtualization is revolutionizing the way businesses deliver IT solutions to customers. Virtualization products like Microsoft’s Hyper-V and VMware Inc.’s VMware have created a worldwide clamor for skilled virtualization professionals. As a result, businesses are raving about how such virtualization products are driving increases in productivity, reliability, security, disaster recovery, and cost savings.

Let’s stop and think about this for a minute. We’re accustomed to believing that living our dreams is possible only after we wake up. But virtualization is creating a phenomenon where there’s no longer a difference. In other words, we can be productive on both planes.

Like I said, it touches a nerve. It is too early to tell just how deep this rabbit hole goes, but one point has been made clear: Virtualization is the way forward. All rivers are leading to the sea of virtualization and cloud computing for the foreseeable future. Any inhibitions or trepidations must be cast aside. We must arm ourselves with as much information about virtualization as possible so as not to get lost in the biggest revolution in computing since the invention of the PC itself.

There is no time to waste. Start learning virtualization now.

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